Social Networking for Business: Facebook, Twitter and whatever else comes along between now and then

Synopsis: We'll be talking about Social Media at the Martinsburg - Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce Rise and Shine Breakfast held at the Holiday Inn in Martinsburg, WV.

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Everyone is talking about social networking. We’re going to join the conversation and talk about what social networks and why local businesses should be using them to market their business. Introduction Traditional media is easy. The mechanics of good advertising can be challenging but the concept and process of it is easy to grasp and tangible. You decide what you'd like to sell. You pay The Journal a bunch of money. You wait for sales. Repeat. Social media on the other hand is difficult. The technological barrier alone is often enough to discourage some people. We don't know how to use it. We don't even really know where to begin and unfortunately, it changes at a pace that most of us aren't comfortable with. So, we reject it or say it's not right for our business. The problem is that it's not about you. It's about your next customer and going where they are.

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